How to Use Our Services

We make signs. The way this works. When you find a customer, take pictures of the building – straight on. Create your sign design on top of the picture of the building and email it to us.  We will consult with you to develop a quick mockup and a price. Quote it to your customer. If approved, collect the deposit!

Quote the Customer

We will help you create the quote to yours customer with a price that makes you money. This will allow you to quote in safety. Once the customer accepts, collect the deposit. We will need a deposit too, Once we have the deposit, we can create the permit documentation or help you to do this and get it ready for a permit service or you can submit yourself. (Note: different states have different requirements.)

Design for Permit

The first the design is strictly for sales and is “quick and dirty”. The next design/s are for permits. If you need a permit, these are issued by the city or county. Some require licenses others do not. We can produce the construction drawings, electrical details, size placement and attachment drawings you need for a permit. One area you may need is the owner details and a site map. These are the normal permit requirements.

Fab Your Sign

Installation is a specialty skill in the sign industry. It requires a Contractor license (a C-45) and a range of skills and abilities. We excavate and pour concrete, and wire high and low voltages. We are sheet metal workers, welders, wallpaper hangers, and painters. It takes a lot of time, care, and skill to install signs, and we have it here.

Sign Criteria

Maximizing the value of the property for all tenants means controlling signage. The minimums, maximums, construction, placement, and styles create an attractive collage of tasteful, delightful, and functional signage. Successful signage enhances customer experience, complies with local ordinances, and maximizes the value of the property.


We service and repair of all aspects of your signs: electrical, paint, structure, restoration, and more.

Maintenance Agreements

Signage Maintenance Agreements help you control costs and maximize your signage up time.  You have enough on your plate without having to manage service calls for routine maintenance of your signs. Maintenance contracts are a proactive tool to keep your signage working properly and looking good without spending the extra time and effort to manage it.