A UL sticker. Why You Need It and How To Get It

UL Certification is required in most permit applications for electrical (illuminated) signs. If you have an inspection and the UL sticker is not there – you fail the inspection.

UL Label with hologram
UL Label with hologram

Who Has the UL Certification?

Getting a UL Certification is not easy. It takes time, education and money. Very few sign fabricators can get a UL Cert. It starts with an application. This leads to a rather large number of classes covering the electrical details required to make illuminated signs. As each test is passed, the manufacturing becomes important.  The sign must be built with only UL Marked and approved components. There are several classifications of components for outdoor and water issues. Each sign is documented with the list used. UL initially comes out and inspects the signs, the measurement tools and the paperwork. Once all this is completed, A fabricator becomes UL listed and certified.  After certification the  facility must maintain the required standards and record keeping. There are random inspections as well.

UL Label Sectional Sticker
UL Label Sectional Sticker

What is the UL sticker all about?

Each sign is marked with a UL sticker. These are resigned for the inspection and are serialized.  The serial number references back to the records and can trace every component of the sign to the fabricate, then the company, factory, date of manufacture of each component. And likely to the raw materials they used to make the component.

Can I offer a UL certified sign?

Yes! Every time you buy from us, we send you a UL certified, and labeled sign. The permitting authority can see it, inspect it and you are 100% in the clear. 

Are UL Certified and labeled signs safer?

Yes, the lack of a UL label probably means it was make somewhere that does not have the certification.  The parts used are not known and the quality is suspect as well.  There are signs that catch on fire. If you are putting up a sign that is not UL certified and labeled, your liability is crazy.

UL Certification legally required?

UL Labels are facing down for inspection
UL Labels are facing down for inspection

Yes, nearly all permitting authorities, that is cities and counties in the US require a UL certification.  Pulling a permit without it, is problematic. 

Do UL Certified signs cost more?

Yes, but the better question may be, If I get a cheap sign from china or Mexico, can I use it?  Maybe, but the laws generally say no. Also, you are assuming a huge legal liability should something happen.  Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Low price often results in high cost in the end.

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