The Orblu Biopharma Campus – the First of its Kind on the West Coast

Orblu’s future biopharma manufacturing facility is located in Carlsbad, CA. Right in the heart of the Southern California Biotech Center, it is a showplace of technology. Carlsbad is one of the best areas in San Diego and San Diego represents the fastest growing area of the Biopharma industry. The brand-new facility serves as an industry learning site and caters to every training need in Biopharma.


A monument sign that suits Orblu marks the center’s entrance. This sign is constructed from aluminum but is far from a plain box. It has a unique shape with the name as a part of the structure. This level of metal working is unusual. It also has an acrylic pattern, that is unique to Orblu, but also required some high-level manufacturing.

It was painted with Signs for America’s paint system, choosing a spot-on color match and adding durability to the final result.

This monument sign does a great job at showcasing some to the advanced abilities of Signs for America.

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