Graziano’s Pizza Secret Channel Letter Set

With a little bit of Sicily in every bite, Graziano’s uses only the freshest and finest ingredients to cook with. Founded in 1969, there is pride in the food quality and in the atmosphere. You will feel like you are part of the family when you visit.

They make dough fresh daily from a secret family recipe. The crust is superb and topped with the finest ingredients. Be it the cheese, pepperoni, sauce, veggies… everything is good! It must have something to do with the care taken with every step. Another fantastic dish of theirs is the roasted chicken. It has half the fat of traditional fried chicken and is better than any fried chicken you have ever had. It is cooked to perfection, seasoned with all the right spices, and excellent quality overall – a sure recommendation!

However, since we are a sign company, it is only fair to say that we think the best part is the sign. It has a metallic, plastic taste to it. At Signs for America, we make them to order. We can make one or 50 of these types of signs. OK, maybe the sign cannot compete with the food, but if you have one or a chain of restaurants, we are the best channel letter manufacturer.

Do you have a unique project or a vision for signage like this? We would love to work with you at Signs for America.